Interesting Articles by Brad Hicks

In case you’re not already reading Brad Hicks on a regular basis, he has a great series of articles putting some context into the shooting of Kirkwood city council members. It’s an amazing story.

American Dream (Not available in all areas)
Kirkwood and Meacham Park from 1853 to 1990
Ethnic Cleansing foes not condone terrorism

There’s an underlying theme to these articles, one that John Taylor Gatto has talked about repeatedly. While I am a hard-nosed skeptic concerning conspiracy theories, it’s hard to deny that a great deal of US history is white-washed, and that efforts continue today to cover-up the constant class warfare in the US.

News coverage of this event that I saw on the major stations all called this event senseless and random. None actually tried to dig into this man’s motivations for killing these people. Why not?

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