A Weekend of Pain

This long weekend was a busy one for both Kelli and I. We moved from our condo on Indian Bend to our new place a few miles up the road. Kelli as usual did pretty much all the packing, but this time also got the distinct honor of doing most of the moving as well as I would be spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday in seminars with 6th degree blackbelt Brett Varnum. Thankfully Kelli was able to recruit 4 people from work to help out. I managed to help get the truck mostly loaded before I left Sunday morning, but the team took the rest. I left at 10:40am and apparently everything was unpacked at the new place at 1pm. Pretty awesome.

Meanwhile, after 2 days and a morning of training, we had a dedicated blackbelt training session which consisted largely of getting beat up. Which was a lot of fun, but leads to much soreness the next morning. Partially the session was to evaluate where all of us are at in our training and what we have to work on. Good times were had by all.

Yesterday I decided to tackle cleaning our old place by myself so that Kelli could begin the unpacking process. I got through it in about 4 hours or so and everything looks good aside from one spot on the wall that got stained from a candle spill. The color seeped into the paint unfortunately. Otherwise we’re good.

We’re still learning all the little weirdnesses of a new place. Badly placed towel racks, much smaller cabinet space in the kitchen, no cable jack in one of the bedrooms.. that kind of thing. Both the living room and the kitchen of the new crib are smaller than our old place, but all 3 bedrooms are significantly larger.

Overall, we’re pretty happy with the new place so far. Once we’re unpacked and have a little time to live in the place we’ll know better. So far we’re both digging the 2nd floor action, and it’s really quiet as well.

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