Well that time has come again. Time to move.

Our current place, which we like a whole lot, is going up in rent. to a solid 1k a month. This puts us at almost $1 a square foot per month. This would not be the end of the world were it not construction on our road which will be continuing for another year and a half, and the fact that we can get 1400 square feet with 3 bedrooms, closer to work for $1175/mo.

The new place is in some ways not as nice, but nothing that’s a deal breaker. It was the nicest of the places we looked at, and one of the big features was lots of windows. I love me some windows.

It will also be nice to have 3 bedrooms. As Kelli and I relax into yuppiedom, we find that we own lots of stuff. We need places to put stuff. Actually, at least part of the want to move is driven by my desire to have a matting/framing table, and eventually a large format printer. Given that we currently have some workout gear, including a treadmill, in the “office” that is impossible. The new place will allow us to place the workout gear in one room, and all my computer and photo gear in another.

This development allows me to re-establish my man-cave, which I desperately need. Having girl clothes on my desk chair in the morning is slowly but surely killing my soul.

We’re moving on the 20th, which is one of the days that I’ll be training with a 6th degree blackbelt. This makes me really sad. I hate to shirk the moving duties, but I rarely get to train with him, and I can’t miss it. Thankfully Kelli will be drafting some people from work, and Doug will be helping out, so it looks like we’ll be covered. Still, I feel really bad. I guess I’m getting Karmic payback by helping other dojo rats move this weekend.

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