Blueprint Growl Style

I’m an enthusiastic user of Growl, but can’t say I’m really in love with any of the styles. On a 30″ monitor, they tend to get lost pretty easily. So I thought it was time to design my own.

I was inspired by Apple’s Keynote theme, Blueprint. So I shamelessly imitated its design.


I’ve allowed for just shy of a 150 pixel icon, so you can bask in the large leopard icon glory. I’ve also used the wonderful HelveticaNeue-CondensedBold font. Just like the blueprint theme. There’s also a red background for the “Emergency” notice level.

If you guys like it and are using it, I can probably be persuaded to make this an actual growl view instead of just a style. I can also fill out options for all of the different priority levels. Looks like moving from a style to a view requires a lot more heavy lifting, but I might be up to it. Would be interesting to see some core animation effects used for growl.

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