I'm really starting to hate the press

So maybe you’ve heard of the MIT student who walked into Logan airport with a “FAKE BOMB” on her chest. Everyone, including the AP is breathlessly repeating the fake bomb claim in their headlines, despite absolutely no facts of the story supporting the claim that it was a fake bomb.

This is a socially retarded MIT nerd, who wore a circuit board with LEDs and a battery on her chest. It was a nerdy, geek accessory, not an attempt to convince anyone that she was explosive. Not even close. Not even remotely close. Was it stupid as hell? Absolutely. Would anyone with an ounce of common sense wear something like that to an airport? No way. But this is an MIT nerd. Lots of very smart people have zero common sense. And it’s reasonable (at least for an MIT nerd) to expect that people are generally smart enough to know that something like this isn’t a bomb, and if I really wanted to bomb a place, I probably wouldn’t walk in with the thing in plain view, yadda yadda yadda.

The headlines should read “MIT coed with homebrewed lightbright on chest arrested as terrorist”. Completely dismissing the overblown reaction to the device itself, every lazy ass reporter who does a story calling this a “fake bomb” should be fired.

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