Updated Goodness

Last night I decided it was time to update the blog to the newest, shiniest version of WordPress. I thought that I would update the squibble theme at the same time. Turns out, squibble wasn’t really doing it for me anymore. So it was time to switch.

We now have the shiny Minim by Upstart Blogger. I need to do some tweaking still, but overall, me likey.

Other Random Things of Interest:

I have about 20 new or re-edited photos over on the Flickr feed. So check those out.

I’m now using VoodooPad Lite as a sort of random data store for my life. Desktop Wikis are awesome

I still want to start a software thing with Nic, but I have been too lazy/preoccupied to have a sit down with him.

I’m posting this from MarsEdit 2, instead of Ecto. Thinking I might make the switch permanent.

Still loving the new Apple keyboards, and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback for my fix of the broken key issue. Of course, Apple has still not bothered to release a fix.

I’ve been trying to get out and do some shooting, but it’s still very hot here in the valley, and when I tried to go North last weekend, the freeway was just a nightmare.

Chase Jarvis has really been inspiring me from a photographic standpoint.

While I’m not heading back to Alaska this year to take pictures, I might try and get up there sometime early next year. I do want to do a photo trip sometime before the end of the year, I’m just not sure where I want to go at the moment.

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