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Working on a new, more comprehensive backup plan for teh work. I think I might have reached some level of okayness with BRU. I’m a little concerned with the hot swap raid cage I bought though. Last couple of backups have been fine, but a few before that were frozen with a drive not responding. Need to do more testing when 2 shiny new 750GB drives arrive.

The hotswap bay I bought for my home machine is working like a champ, and in concert with the new hotswap sata card is putting up some impressive numbers. XBench clocks it at 59MB/sec uncached write, and 58.8MB/sec uncached read for sequential. My normal boot drive on a Intel ICH7 controller clocks in at 48Mb/sec for both.

The new version of Adium is extremely impressive and makes it easy to get encrypted chats going. I’m thinking of moving all my chat action off of my AIM account and onto the gtalk server. Right now I have the AIM account setup in Adium, but I might drop it at some point, be forewarned. Thankfully everyone I know is a big enough geek to be able to deal with this.

While the WWDC keynote came off as nothing special, there are a lot of things to like including my #1. Fix the fucking finder. We’ll see how the new itunes like paradigm plays out, but at the very least we have the promise of a finder that doesn’t hang your whole damn machine when you disconnect from the network without detaching a share. There’s also going to be user level control of shares, and what looks like some ARD functions built in. That looks very cool.

Time machine will be a big boon for my users, and I’ll have to revise my backup strategy to account for it, but it won’t be a big shift when it happens. It will make my life a lot easier. Big HDs for everyone!

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