Ohh G5 Why Do You Hate Me

Apparently my G5 tower has discovered all the free time I’ve been dedicating to photography rather than computers. And it’s angry. It has decided that 40% packet loss is a perfectly acceptable situation for my gigabit ethernet and that I shall see no less than that. Boo.

Thankfully, I have an airport card in it, and it has no similar issues. So now I have to troubleshoot whether or not it’s really a logic board issue. Thankfully it’s still under an Applecare warranty, so the new board would be free. No excuses to head over to a Mac Pro.

I’m sorry baby, don’t be angry. I still use you for photoshop. I need you, I rely on you. At least until Photoshop goes universal. Then we might have to sit down and talk. Okay baby? Okay.

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