Scottsdale is a Death Trap!

In Scottsdale this morning we had quite a bit of rain.  In Scottsdale proper, we had about 1 inch in 2 hours.  For Scottsdale, that’s a lot.  We have basically zero drainage.  So this afternoon I got stuck in a residential area for half an hour waiting for traffic to slow down so I could drive the wrong way down a one way street to escape.  Good times.

On top of that, all the street lights went out, and traffic got completely fried.  If there was ever a genuine weather issue in Arizona, Scottsdale would quickly become the hot seat of the apocalypse.  No Shit.

It was a lot of fun watching people destroy their cars.  I watched one fellow in a Mercedes roll confidently into a temporary lake, and chuckled inside watching the fire department push his car back into the dry part of the street.  I then watched his poor car puke white smoke as he tried to start it over and over.  I also chuckled 2 hours later as I drove back on the now dry street and saw his car still stranded on the side of the road.

In one of the photos below, you can see a couple of lost vehicles, who were forced to brave the torrent by their foolhardy owners.  Keep in mind, this foot of water is flowing 5 hours after the rain.  When they got stranded, there was probably a 3 foot deep river flowing across the road.

Do Not EnterThe Future Garage3 feet

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