The Gigantic Update

Lots of stuff since the last update, so lets get right down to it.

Colorado The trip to colorado went very well, and involved a portrait of about 30 people that I needed to light. Having never lit a group this large, I was a little stressed, but all was well. I read up a little, and it looked like a couple of bare bulb strobes was the way to go. I spend about an hour dialing it in, then about 1 minute taking the picture. I won’t post it here though considering none of you would really have an interest in it.

Mac Pro Ummm jeebus. This was pretty much everything I wanted from an update to the pro machines. Quad 3.0, dual optical drives, 4 internal drive bays in cages (I hate swapping drives in the g5), FW800 on the front panel, dual gigabit ethernet. Very nice. But my current tower’s main purpose is to work on photography, and adobe has yet to release a version of photoshop that runs native on the intel chips. So I’ll be holding off on switching over until they do. The 30″ monitor is now only $2k. Tempting.

Leopard I know The Steve said that the best features are being kept secret, but… yawn. Time Machine will be very nice, spaces will be very nice. But html mail templates? Background replacement on ichat? These are the features you’re talking about at a developer conference? I’m hoping there are some big surprises coming.

Shooting Wandered North on Saturday to shoot the painted desert. I decided to head up the “back way” which ultimately got me a ticket when I rolled through a hidden stop sign in the dark in Heber. Good times. 8 hours of driving, and lots of rain. Probably about 20 minutes of usable light. I probably should have just stayed home.

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