Today was my 4th visit to the chiropractor, and a lot of the issues in my neck are now gone. Yea! Unfortunately, it would seem that some of them have moved down into my right shoulder.

I’ve long had a very specific pain that hits between my shoulder blades when I get at specific angles. I attributed this to my scoliosis. This week that pain has been happening pretty regularly, and without being at weird angles. The last couple of days, it’s been going down my arm.

Well we addressed that today and it turns out. tadah! My ribs are jacked up. I worked on another post a couple of days ago that I haven’t posted where I went into some other arm pain I’ve been having, which is caused by.. you guessed it, jacked up ribs. So 2 of my ribs on the right side are getting bumped out of place by my scoliosis, and this is causing nerve irritation in a couple of places.

Today I had a very pleasant 3 minute torture session where my chiro popped those ribs back into place on my back, under my shoulder blade. So I am now in an ouchy place. Good times.

Advil is a good thing.

I ordered a book on yoga for scoliosis, so that should help out a bit on maintenance.

Also, each new chiropractor visit comes with 5 minutes on the rack. The rack is essentially a motorized chiro table that stretches you out in funny ways to counteract your treacherous winding spine. Who knew?

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