Punching Bag

The Seminar with Tori Eldridge is now over, and it was tons of fun. Being that I make giggling noises when people hit me, and make funny faces when being thrown through the air, I ended up being the person who has techniques demonstrated on them for most of the sessions. This included the women’s self defense seminar. You know, the one where the guy is usually dressed up in the bear-proof suit? Yah, we don’t have a bear proof suit. Good times.

I came out of the whole thing not too much worse for wear. I have some nice bruising on my chest, but no major damage. And strangely enough, my biggest gripe is that I’ve had a neck twinge for the better part of a week (which I had before the seminar) that hasn’t fixed itself. Probably time to hit a chiropractor.

With that seminar, I’ve been training for 7 days now, and tonight will be a night off to let the body recover.

Tori was awesome to train with, and I think the next time I’m in California, I’ll try to line up some private lessons on some of the unique things she teaches.

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