I’ve tried a lot of different schemes for keeping track of data while I’m on the go. When I was in high school, I always had a notepad on me. When I was 20, I had one of the first palm pilots which I used religiously for years. Now that the volume of information I have to keep track of it way up, I’ve been trying different things again.

I tried a palm. Nope. Too big, too heavy, and I was always afraid of dropping it or hurting it, or someone stealing it.

Tried a smart phone. Sync support sucks. Screens are too small. Data entry is too cumbersome. This might be better if I tried something like a Treo, but see #1.

So Now I’m on to something new. The Hipster PDA. Portable, cheap as hell, easy to use. Combining this with GTD, and using the DIY hipster templates makes for a nice little place to catch thoughts, keep a to-do list and a million other things which you might want to write down or keep track of.

Now that I’m using an HPDA, I’m thinking of moving away from the scoblephone and getting something small, light and simple in a phone. I use very few minutes and have some simple requirements:

  1. Great reception
  2. Small and light
  3. USB charging
  4. USB ringtones that I can upload to the phone
  5. Bluetooth for handsfree

The Moto SLVR might be the way to go. Not sure yet.

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