A Couple of Fun Days

It was a good weekend.

For Cinco De Mayo, Kelli and I hung out with Michael and Lori from the dojo. We got some sushi, then headed back to their place for daquris and penuckle. Good times.

Saturday we hung out with Doug and his spawn and went over some software options for his upcoming job. We also watched Phil the Alien, which was quite funny, and definitely worth a rental.

On Sunday, I decided that I just didn’t spend enough time writhing in pain, fooling around with Linux anymore, and that it was time to rebuild Fluffy. Now running Suse OSS 10, the RAID is rebuilt, and I’m right back to troubleshooting slow network connections. I love you linux. For the record, I’m getting 2MB/sec out of gigabit ethernet using any protocol. Of course, which browsing around for solutions, there are a million things that could be causing the problem. I’ll try some things at lunch.

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