Where have I been?

The last 4 days were scheduled to be photography time. But good weather rolled in and I personally don’t like shooting on bright sunny days.

Doug rolled into town with his daughter, and I thought it might be nice to just hang out with him and the kid, and take a few days off from everything.

It was nice to have 4 days without responsibilities and feeling “I should be doing something right now”. I rented Dungeons and Dragons – Heros for ye olde xbox, and ripped through it. Good times.

Back at work, my Notes server is dead, which is no big surprise. Man I hate notes.

This weekend is supposed to be cloudy, so I’ll probably do some shooting then. I also have my promotion to green belt this friday. w00t. 14 months until black belt time.

I’m really starting to hate e-mail in general, because no one can provide subject lines that mean anything. Now, I don’t get a ton of e-mail, something in the range of 20 a day, but when you have to reference it, or find older e-mails, “tomorrow’s meeting” doesn’t really mean anything. Especially when you send me e-mails with that same title twice a week.

Couple that with Notes’ lousy search capabilities and it’s hard to find anything.

I’ve taken to tagging all of the files the project is using with spotlight comments. This is a good thing. Now if only I could get people to use standardized file naming conventions. Co-ordinating hundreds of word and excel files with multiple revisions is not fun. I’m intrigued by ShopWiki’s in-house wiki they use for versioning documents.

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