All Antsy in the Pantsy

Recently I’ve been getting really twitchy. You see, I’m the kind of person who needs new computers every 8-12 months. Not from a purely technological standpoint, as my machines are fast enough for what I do. There’s just a feeling you get from knowing your machines are on the cutting edge that just feels empowering. While I was initially cool on the MacBook Pro, I’m now finding myself in full on covet mode. I’m even considering somewhere in my head the dream of going laptop only, and having it be my sole machine for work and home.

For photoshop work, this is pretty impractical as 13 megapixel images will pretty much cripple any current Apple laptop, at least until we get universal binaries from Adobe who-knows-when. While Lightroom being a universal binary would go a long way, there are still a lot of things I do in Photoshop that I can’t replace in Lightroom at the moment.

Also, storage would be an issue. I currently use roughly a Terrabyte of storage for various things, and that’s not going away. While that could end up on a server somewhere, that’s still another machine laying around.

Also, all of my 10.4 and above machines continue to randomly kernel panic. Yesterday I updated the laptop to 10.4.5 which then paniced on restart, and today at work my dual 2.0 g5 paniced while controlling another machine via ARD. Oh how I long for the stable days of 10.3.

Today I should be getting in a dual 2.7 for work, which will be nice. I’m starting to feel the drag on the dual 2 as strange as that sounds.

I can’t tell you how much I hate working in lotus notes. One of the key reasons for wanting to start my own business is so that I can choose which technologies I use to get my job done, sadly, this includes e-mail. Seriously, I die a little inside every time I launch notes.

On the other hand, I migrated over our old Filemaker pro 4 job tracking database to Filemaker 8 this week, and spent maybe 2 hours total updating layouts and scripts to accommodate for OS X. That was pretty awesome. For all of Filemaker’s shortcomings, they do a ton of back-end work making sure things stay compatible and don’t break.

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