Been a little while since the last post, so here’s the rundown.

Bryan and I went up to shoot Oak Creek in Sedona last Saturday. While the weather report claimed it would be cloudy, there were almost no clouds to be seen. It was a beautiful day, and there were tons of tourists. Damn. We parked next to the road and hiked up a wash looking for some interesting shots. We mostly did interesting hiking and climbing. Great day for a hike, but not for photography.

We headed out from Red Tank Draw, and we ended up getting some good shots as the light started fading away. You can check my shots out here and Bryan’s here.

It’s always good to get out there and hike around looking for interesting things to shoot. I got to thinking about a trip to Alaska in May or June for a week or so. The last couple of trips have been in September, but it might be fun to go up a little earlier in the year.

At work, we’ve recently finished 6 weeks of research for my project, which was pretty much constant adrenaline for me. We’re now going into analysis, and it’s nice to have things slow down a little. But I’ve definitely noticed that I’m a lot less motivated this week. I think it’s just from the pace dropping from crazy to normal, but it’s definitely interesting.

This friday I move into Level 3 in To-Shin Do. Level 3 is made up of 3 green belts and 3 brown belts. If I continue on at my current pace, I should spend about 7 months in the Green belts, but will have to spend at least 9 months in the browns. Kelli’s going to help out with my demo, along with a level one guy who is brave enough to be subjected to nasty joint locks and takedowns.

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