Sick and Twisted

So, this morning I went to see a doctor concerning a weird pain I’ve been having in my shoulder. Doctor seems to think that I’ve angered a nerve in some odd way. I thought I had a strained or torn muscle given the nature of the pain, but she said that because there isn’t any swelling, that’s unlikely. She did say however that if it didn’t get better in a week to come back.

She also informed me that I have a cold. Good times. Would explain why I have been crazy tired recently.

Good news to this being that it looks like I can do my demo and rolling for my upcoming graduation next week, as long as I take it relatively easy. Of course, there’s the little matter of finding partners for my demo…

The last week or so has seen a lot of juggling as I jockey around with different companies around turn offs and fees for various things. Qwest sent me a regular monthly bill despite me canceling, and cox sent me a bill for $870, which they explained was just moving over equipment to the new account. When I asked them why they would send customers outrageous bills, that they new they would get calls on, they had no real answer for me. Jackholes.

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