Rocking on Textdrive

Alright. Pretty much everything is now moved over to Textdrive and working. Took me the better part of a day to get it all over, but a large part of that was busting into databases and reconfiguring blogging systems. Had to split up the database for Kelli’s stuff and Techgoesboom. No biggie, just a lot of importing and exporting. All of the domains are firewalled off from one another now, so each domain got its own install of movable type as well and all the requisite monkeying about around it.

You’ll most likely notice a pretty significant speed increase as a result of the move, which is always nice. Textdrive has a big pipe, and some pretty major iron pushing bits around, so things are going to be teh snappy.

The Mac Mini is going to hit e-bay sometime this week unless any of the readers of this blog are interested.

I should probably focus on some unpacking now I suppose.

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