Live From the New Crib

If you’re seeing this entry, you’re getting the page from the new condo location. We were down for roughly 24 hours, and I hope none of you were suffering withdrawals.

The DSL here is currently clocking in with only 512Kb/sec upstream. So things will probably be a little slower than normal. Qwest will be coming out on Monday to try and rectify that situation. I was the customer from hell on Saturday and today trying to get things working while I moved. Right now, there’s only one phone jack in the house that works for the DSL modem, and it’s in the living room. Not cool. Need to see what I can do to change that.

All told, things went pretty well. Except for U-Haul. I’ve had some sketchy experiences with them in the past, but they are much cheaper than Budget, so I figured if I gave them 2 weeks notice, there should be no problems. Hah! This morning I got juggled between 3 different locations trying to find the truck I wanted within a reasonable distance of the old crib. The reservation guy was really dense. He said he was sending me to one location, and it turns out he had sent the reservation to the location I specifically told him not to. Good times. It took me from 9 am until noon to get things worked out. It’s budget from now on.

Doug helped out a LOT, and Kelli troopered it up with the packing especially, but also the whole way along. I’m real happy with how long the move took, and nothing ended up broken. W00t.

Okay, back to unpacking.

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