The Holidays

The last 2 weeks have been pretty mellow, which is nice. Kelli got home last night from her Alaska incursion. Saw Aeon Flux and Narnia. Both were pretty good.

Pulled all the drives from the RAID box, and used them as individual backup drives. The DVDs and new DVD writer came in, and the long slog of DVD archival has begun. Whee!

I’ve got 4 working days this week, and I’m having a really hard time getting motivated to do anything. While it’s not final yet, it looks like I’ll officially be full time on project work, probably for the full year. While I think this is a great opportunity for learning, it’s also a lot of work and a lot of stress. Looks like I would maintain my current title, and this would be a temporary assignment. And while we haven’t explicitly discussed it, that implies no big raises.

While there could be bonuses involved in the project work, I’m not really excited by the possibility of a bonus. Considering that almost a year ago I turned down an offer for more than I’m making now, I’m not terribly excited about the opportunity to do the work of a $75k per year project manager while drawing my current salary.

I’m going to have a talk with my big boss about what we can do here. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not displeased with what I make, but it’s not in line with project managers in the company or in the industry, even beginning ones. Depending on how that discussion goes, it might be time to start looking around again. Of course, I could always just turn down the project work altogether, and just go back to what I was doing before. But doing so would probably have negative consequences for my future here. So I’d have to work pretty hard on my other stuff.

Speaking of which, I really need to get disciplined about the photography stuff and start scheduling for shows and marketing the website.

Looked at an apartment yesterday that might be the new crib. It’s further from work, but closer to the dojo, and about $50 cheaper a month without concessions. I’m going back with Kelli this evening so she can check it out. We’ll probably also check out some places on Shea. Logically we should be looking for places closer to work anyway as trips to the dojo only involve rush hour traffic in one direction. Also, it would be nice to be close enough to go home for lunch and have a meaningful amount of time there.

More to come.

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