Baby Steps

Last Saturday I had 2 photos in an art show in Tempe. One of them sold to a local bar owner, and the other, which the show co-ordinator wanted to buy, ultimately did not. Unfortunately, my photo was the only thing sold that night.

There were a couple of weird things about the show, which was really more of a party with art. Chief amongst them was the lack of pricing displayed on the art. Also, most of the artists, myself included, didn’t hang out around their work actively selling it. For future shows I intend to prominently display prices and actively be there to sell the work.

This was my first show, and a great experience. Turns out that a lot of people like my stuff, and funnily enough, the print that didn’t sell was identified as the best piece in the show by a number of people. That’s very gratifying. I’m sure there was just the normal “blah blah, great work” stuff in there, but there were some people capably describing what made it a great shot.

Prints from the Canon 5D are just impressive as hell. I’ve made up a couple from my first trip shooting with it and my only regret is that I don’t have a larger printer. Next year I think the epson 4800 might make it into the budget.

Speaking of next year, it looks like I will be moving to full time project management next year, and away from the IT side of things at my company. I’m gaining a lot of skills from managing projects, and while incredibly stressful, it’s also very rewarding. Hopefully come our reviews next month, there will be a raise in the wings to go along with the new position. Gotta pay for the photography stuff somehow.

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