My Friends are Cool

Some people say you get the friends you deserve. If that’s the case, then I’m doing something right.

This last Saturday Kelli led a crack operation of throwing me a surprise party. And it was very well done. I didn’t suspect anything. And it was a lot of fun. Lori and Michael ran interference in the afternoon after the seminar in which Michael and I watched Amityville Horror. It was pretty lousy, but had a few good moments.

Then, under the guise that Lori and Michael were taking us out for a birthday dinner, we swung by my place to pick up Kelli. When I walked in, there was the typical surprise situation with decorations and all the accompanying hoo-ha. Kelli had hidden my weapons, but thankfully I had my bo with me from the seminar. Doug was sitting on the couch, and was the first one to get brained.. okay. That’s not how it went. Really, Doug and Elise were there hanging out and other people were on their way. The big swede arrived just minutes later along with Annabella and Andrea. Brad from the dojo showed up just a little after that. Noticeably absent from the revelry was a certain unnamed Alaskan who thought going out on a date would be more fun. But considering I was hanging out with the big swede on his birthday, I don’t have much room to complain.

What followed after was hours of recounting my obsession with pop tarts and pepsi, which despite all my humanitarian efforts in the world, remains my one distinguishing hallmark. I’m pretty sure my grave will bear the inscription “He really liked pop tarts and pepsi.” One could view this as a strange commentary on my lifelong accomplishments thus far, but given the existential angst involved in such an endeavor, I’ll avoid it.

Once the conversation dried up, and Andrea got bored of getting tickled, we were off to downtown Phoenix to engage in some rump shaking. Doug, Michael, Lori, Kelli, Elise and I all packed into Doug’s rental car and hit up a strange club like place. The bands were pretty good, and it was a lot of fun. At around 2:30 we hit up the Denny’s and had some late dinner.

It was an awesome time, and Kelli, Michael and Lori deserve big kudos for a job well done. I really appreciate it guys.

In order to surprise Kelli for her birthday in January (which I have to do as a competitive measure now), I plan on throwing a party in a Circle K, in Gila Bend in the middle of December. Should be a good time.

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