More Boring Website Stuff

Okay, I’ve got the wordpress pages all running on a cache so they should be pretty freaking fast most of the time. Good stuff.

Tweaked the ad layouts on and I’m hoping with more aggressive placement, I’ll get some better returns. We’ll see how it goes.

Some people may not dig the increased ad placement. I’d recommend they hit the RSS feed. Most of them do anyway. The ads are generally hitting people who are getting to the site from links or google anyway. I’ve gotten a lot more disciplined about the ads and created channels for much more extensive tracking. If a particular ad isn’t working, it will be changed or removed. If the ads don’t start performing better, I may just remove them or move on to another ad provider.

There are a couple of other tweaks I need to make including using adsense section targeting. Should make the ads a little bit more on target.

I’ll keep you updated. Whee!

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