Cry Me a River

So, yesterday I was in a massive funk. No idea why, but from waking up to going to sleep I was just in a bad mood. Go figure.

Well bad moods are good for doing solitary work, so there’s a new image over at Check it out and post your comments. I also included a shot with the Whibal in the RAW download for dialing in white balance. Good times.

Choosing a file for review, developing it, getting it ready for posting and all that good stuff takes a long time. I need to find a way to speed up the process.

I got an offer for another 0% interest on balance transfers credit card with no fees for one year. So I applied. If they give me a decent enough limit, I will get the 5D and transfer the balance over to that card for a one year loan free of interest. w00t. Then the money for it can remain in a high yield savings account collecting interest.

The tedious spamming continues, but at a much lower level. I’m getting about 1 a day now, specifically targeted to an article about spammers. Movable Type seems to be the platform most spammers are targeting. Still getting lots of pointless referrer spam, for no reason at all. I’m the only one who ever sees it, and I’m certainly not clicking any links.

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