There it went

Okay, that weekend flew by.

Friday night was that graduation I was telling you guys about and everything went swimmingly. We now have our first Shodan. w00t.

The seminar went very well, and I was left with a lot of things to explore in my training. Mr. Varnum has done a lot of exploration in ways of efficiently hitting people, and this trip held a lot of refinement on the issue. Good stuff.

We also ended up getting to hang with Mr. Varnum outside the Dojo as well. We caught a couple of bands and ate a couple of meals together with some people from the Dojo. Good times.

Needless to say, I got pretty much nothing else done over the weekend. This makes me somewhat sad, but, whatever. Today I should be getting in a new SATA drive case and have some fun geek time. I need geek time.

Work schedule remains pretty crazy, but has mellowed out a little this afternoon. This is a good thing.

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