Great Time in LA

This last weekend was spent in Koreatown in LA, some time walking around Melrose and Hollywood, and watching Dead Can Dance.

DCD is really amazing live, and sound just as good at their CDs. Brendan Perry is looking a little run down, but he really is an amazing performer. Lisa Gerrard looks essentially unchanged from 10 years ago. Brendan for some reason always impressed me more than Lisa, maybe because he was less operatic, but still found ways to use his impressive range. Listening to him live was very impressive. He’s obviously taken care of his voice. Lisa was great too, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes she just strikes me as an opera singer.

The Hollywood Bowl is open air, and it was a great temperature. The tech staff did an impressive job. The music wasn’t too loud, and the video projected on the 4 screens was well shot and transitioned.

Koreatown offered some reasonably cheap yet decent hotel rates, and sushi on every corner. I really liked the vibe there.

Great weekend.

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