Another Fine Morning

This morning the sunroof was back and the windows were down. I was a happy camper, currently we’re at 82 degrees.. ahh coolness has come to the Valley. Of course this means the immanent return of the oldies who will clog up our freeways and run over our children. This is cause for great sadness, but I’ll cope in exchange for having the windows down.

Flagstaff is only 60 degrees at the moment, which means that soonly it will be unsuitable for my inhabitation. I’m kicking around the idea of heading up there this weekend.

Last night was my first foray into doing the trainer thing at To-Shin Do. Got to lead the class through warmups and then through some basic drills. Feedback was positive which is goodly. Lots of fun being in front of the group and leading them through techniques. Thought I would be nervous, but nope, felt really natural. Having done martial arts for a while now I suppose that shouldn’t be too surprising.

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