Ohh the apathy

So, I’m guessing that you’ve noticed that I haven’t been writing a lot lately. Things have been pretty crazy recently, and I haven’t been able to really just sit down and dedicate time to thinking things out that I want to say. Plus things have been pretty quiet in areas I’m interested in, so there’s that.

On top of that, I just haven’t had a whole lot of motivation to write recently. All my other personal projects are pretty much on hold for the moment as well, so don’t feel hurt. I still love you baby.

It has been taking Herculean amounts of will power not to order an iPod Nano. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hold out. Lots of deep breaths. In-2-3-4, out-2-3-4. Don’t buy it… Don’t buy it. It’s not so much the money as I really just don’t need it. I have no realistic reason to have one other than the sure lustworthy-ness of it. I have a mini. It does a fine job of providing my meager music listening needs, which these days are almost entirely podcasts. But it’s so teeny. It’s color. Kill me before I spend again.

Concerning my inevitable decline into poverty for no good reason: I’m bound and determined to buy a Canon 5D when it’s released along with a battery grip. I can’t resist the 13 megapixels of full frame goodness, even at a 3k pricetag. I haven’t been shooting enough to reasonably justify it, or selling enough prints for that matter, but I can’t resist it. I’ve been waiting for this camera a long time. Of course along with the greater resolution comes justification for an Epson 4800 to make larger prints. And of course I will probably need better lenses. Why do I have such expensive hobbies?

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