I Am Weak

Nano I am Apple’s bitch. I swear.

I was able to resist the strong pull of the iPod shuffle due to not being able to use it in the car with the Alpine goodness, but the nano was just too much to resist. I had to hit up the local apple store and buy me up a 4 gig white nano. I’m not proud. I’m a consumer whore.

You really have to have one in hand to believe how small it is. The screen is actually quite large for how small the whole thing is. Sound quality is really nice, and the whole package is really tight.

Well, I might as well make good use of it. I’m looking for some recommendations for music I may not have heard of, or just haven’t listened to in a long time. I’m looking for heavy, or driving stuff. Nothing slow or mellow. Workout type of music. I don’t really mind what decade it’s from. I’ll get things started. Slip by Quicksand. Amazing album that is very under-appreciated. Also, Carboot Soul by Nightmares on Wax is a nice mellow album, but not the kind of thing I’m currently looking for.

BTW: That’s Helmet I’m listening to, Betty in specific. That’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for.

Listening To: “Carboot Soul” by Nightmares on Wax itunes

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