2 weeks away

Been real busy these last 2 weeks with reading week in Idaho, and then project management training. 5 days of project management is heavy stuff, but I ended up the top of the pile when it came to the final test. I got 39/40 questions right, better than the other 23 people in the class. That was kinda cool.

I typically don’t comment too much on things like 9/11 or the asian tsunami. I never feel like I have anything significant to contribute. New Orleans is terrible, but the thing that really got me is the people shooting at rescue workers. It’s amazing how quickly people deteriorate to some fucking mad max movie. It really makes me reconsider the whole gun ownership thing. I don’t have guns, and think about defending myself in those situations. But I also think if those fuckers didn’t have guns, that would be nice too.

wow… Whitney Houston is a fucking train wreck.

Idaho was good for a number of reasons.

I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on, including this new project I’m working on. Been putting in a lot of hours at home working on stuff, and have run into the office a couple of times this week at night. Good times.

Some jerk has been volume spamming learningphoto.com with about 20 spams a day. They are all forced into moderation, but it’s annoying.

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