Sleepy Time

Usually after traveling, I get sick one way or another. The combination of drastically different environments and air travel are just too much for my immune system to deal with for some reason. After my last trip I was amazed that I didn’t catch anything. I felt fine the day after I got back.

Fast forward a couple of days, and I think something has caught up with me. I’ve been feeling really tired the last few days, and crashed when I got home from work yesterday for a couple of hours. Awake for a couple hours, then back to crashville. Felt okay this morning for a couple of hours and now I want to sleep again. I’ve also been feeling a little nauseous.

Now, this is nothing I can’t just power through and continue working, it’s just annoying. I guess I should be glad that I don’t have to take sick days from some nasty cold or something, but it’s just annoying. Considering I hit the road again tomorrow, I’m not stoked about being even a little sick at the moment.

So I might crash out again tonight if I’m not feeling the love, meaning another night of missed martial arts. Kills me to miss it as much as I have, but work and travel and sick are winning at this point.

Just to geek some geek juice in here today.. Lotus Notes sucks eggs as an e-mail program. I’m sending out large pictures to a number of people, and when you send, it just locks up notes until it’s done. Considering I have a 20k/sec up pipe to my server, I have to wait like 15 minutes each time I send a mail. Completely locked up. No threading. Barf. Hate you notes. Hate you so much.

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