The Home Stretch

Well, another week of traveling is now behind me.

Remaining Items: August 19-28 – Idaho, Beshara Reading Week September 9-11 – Ohio, To-Shin Do Training September 24-25 – LA, Dead can Dance concert

Then I’m done for a while. That will be nice.

My business trip went really well last week and everything went off without a hitch. I was doing a lot of event and portrait photography, and we had a big half hour looping slide show on the last night. I’m felling pretty comfortable doing shoots with people now, so that’s cool. We got some accolades from the company president, which was also pretty cool.

Got some reading done, and I’m about halfway through Getting Things Done. A lot of the things he’s talking about are things I already had started implementing. About half a year ago I realized I just didn’t have the wherewithal to keep track of all the things in my life in my head. I’ve since been looking around for a good system of keeping track of things. David’s suggestions for how to organize things are great, and seem to work pretty well as long as you are willing to restructure your life around them, which to me seems more and more necessary.

I have a ton of crap going on in my life. There was a time when this was not the case, and I swore it never would be. That time is gone. I really enjoy life, and I like being involved in a lot of things. Unfortunately, your brain is only capable of keeping track of so many things. You need to supplement your brain with systems for keeping track of the hundreds of current things going on. GTD recommends systems for this.

When I get done with the book, I’ll write something about how I’m applying it.

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