Well, it was Monday

Drove Kelli to pick up her car. They told her that auto service was closed and she’d have to come back later. I thought she was going to totally flip out and chop their heads off. Finally they relented and gave her the car and all was well. From there I rushed to To-Shin Do. Got in some good training there, but rolled over my big toe on one thing we were doing. That kinda hurt. Anyway…

Grabbed a burrito and came home to find myself locked out of my apartment since Kelli had turned the safety lock, which cannot be unlocked from outside and turned in for the evening. It took 10 minutes of very loud pounding to rouse her from her zombie like slumber. I’m sure my neighbors appreciated it.

Got the new Powerbook and started transferring things over. I remain convinced that Disk Utility in Tiger is wonky. It b0rked on me twice trying to clone over the HD from my other powerbook (while booted from a Tiger DVD), which was itself a clone from my tower a while back. For some reason I’ve been having these cloning issues with both my tower and my laptop since switching to Tiger. Disk Utility reported some “invalid name” errors which it fixed, but cloning still failed. Booted from the other machine instead and did the clone that way and it worked just jim-dandy despite being dog slow.

For some reason, Disk Utility removes the flags that hide the symlinks to /var /etc and /tmp. This is incredibly annoying and makes me wonder about the sanctity of the clone. I suppose I could just checksum every file on each machine and run a diff. But I really shouldn’t have to. Oh the geigh.

When I had the 12“ powerbook serviced it got a new logic board and HD, and it could be that something snuck in to pollute my mojo. Once I am relatively sure of my data safety, I’m going to zero out the drive, re-install OS X and see if any geighness emerges. If not, then I’m chalking it up to lame bugs in Disk Utility.

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