Busy and Lazy

Well this has been my last chill out weekend for a month. My next 2 weekends will be spent in martial arts training, and after that I will be heading to Colorado for work. This makes me kind of sad. But whatever.

Got a lot of work done on the photo site this weekend. WordPress both impresses me, and lets me down. There are a bunch of category functions that are missing that I would really like to see. I’ve got a theme I like, and the main body of the site all complete. Now I just need to make some selections, get some editing done and write some copy. Hopefully I’ll be able to bust it out this week and let you guys play around. It has taken a lot more time than I thought, but it’s turning out really well.

Tomorrow will close out a series of portraits I have been doing at work. Thankfully everyone has been really cool and it hasn’t been bad at all. Considering I’ve never done portraits, this has all gone really well.

Considering moving more of my stuff over to WordPress. We’ll see how Movable Type 3.2 turns out. I’m interested in working in more AJAX stuff, but I think wordpress is just going to end up being more flexible.

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