What did I do this weekend? Nothing

So this was the most chill weekend I’ve had in a long time. Got to hang out with Doug and Nikki on Saturday and play some pool. Watched “Sideways” and “Scarecrow Gone Wild”.

I did manage to get my WordPress installs all updated so I wouldn’t get p0wn’d. This is a good thing. Forgot to patch xmlrpc.php to work with Ecto again. Boo.

Got within about 1 hour of finishing Eternal Darkness as well. Fun Game.

Did not work on the photo site at all. Figured out how I want to do things using WordPress’s pages feature, but got bummed out that there seems to be no xml-rpc support for those bad boys. This makes me sad. Looks like the current MT API doesn’t support this kind of tom-foolery. Certainly it seems like someone could modify the wordpress xml-rpc to hand of these “static” entries and their parents and Adriaan could put together a little magic. I needs this because using WordPresses admin interface hurts me deep inside.

But there seems to be a white knight. This gives me impressive man-wood. I shall install this soonly.

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