A loooong weekend

Managed to snag 4 days off this weekend. Here’s the synopsis:

Friday: Chilled at home working on stuff, in the evening we headed out to the club and a good time was had by all. Hit up ye olde food hole at 2:30. Nice.

Saturday: Were going to head up to Flag. Didn’t. The whole fucking valley is on fire, I swear! Basically did a whole lot of nothing.

Sunday: More nothing, ate dinner with Kelli’s cousins and their spawn. Good times.

Monday: Felt guilty, got to work on the new photo site. Things are looking good and it seems like wordpress will bend to my will without too much consternation. There are a couple of more things to figure out, then it’s just finding a template I like and tweaking the hell out of it to make it a sort of photoblog. Ate lunch with Kelli’s cousins and their spawn. Good times. Played eternal darkness. Not too chabby.

There you go.

Of course throughout the weekend I’ve been solving problems in my head about the implementation of the photo site. Got some of it working just dandy yesterday. Although I am a little disappointed with WP’s hackish subcategory implementation. Using the in_category tag does not return results from parent categories unless the item is explicitly specified as in both. Doesn’t something being in a child category implicitly mean that it’s also in the parent? Am I missing something here? For now everything is just getting tagged with both the parent and child categories, but that’s just lame.

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