More Work to Do

So this week sometime I have to update my MT install to 3.17. I should also probably update my WordPress install while I am changing the theme over at Had to remove its lame line break code yesterday to prevent it from mangling my print buying links.

I Also have to add print purchase links to the older photo review images and post a few new RAW files.

This last weekend I built up an XP box using a cheap PC that doug sold me for $1. When I pulled it out of the box, I noticed a rather anemic back panel and when I opened it up, I witnessed a logic board devoid of an AGP slot or even ATA 133 (only ATA 100 gasp!). Thankfully due to my previous linux raid build ups and my packrat nature, I had a more capable logic board laying around. I did end up having to buy a processor however. Went with the AMD Sempron 2500+ which is running as a 2600 in the machine. Turned out that one of my 156mb ram chips was bad, so I’m limping along on 256mb at the moment.

Updating from XP SP1 was a long and arduous process. Thankfully I was behind a NAT router for the duration of the hours long updating process to give me at least some protection from the 4 minute 0wnage.

I’ll set this guy up in the corner and use RDC to control it when I need to do compatibility testing or flash some bit of PC hardware.

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