My Crazy Life

Ok, it’s not crazy at all, but I got you excited there for a second though didn’t I?

Weekend was very chill. Saw Star Wars Ep III and liked it. There was much pain, but much goodness as well. I have a lot of criticism for George as a writer, but this is an enjoyable film over all.

Went to a martial arts seminar over the weekend at the Dojo of Love and we played around with Oni Kudaki and Musha Dori. Both of which do very nasty things to someone’s shoulder. Good times.

Ordered a ScoblePhone. I have wanted a smartphone for a while now. I was anxiously awaiting the Treo 650, and then they dropped the $700 price tag on an unlocked version. I’ve been using palm for a very long time, and they have a great deal of apps available, but palm can eat me on that $700 price tag. Granted I could switch over to Cingular who managed to lock up an exclusive deal with palm on the GSM version of the phone, but their plans are no where near as good as t-mobile and their service is craptastic. No thanks. When Moto rolls out their RAZRBERY I’ll look around again, but for now I wanted a phone that got reception in my office, has a speakerphone for when I’m on hold for 45 minutes, and does competent calendar/address/to-do list. Considering how many phones won’t store a physical address on a contact, or a note for a to-do, this is surprisingly hard.

Of course the Scoblephone has some other very cool features like video playback, and a decent MP3 player, but these are really secondary at this point.

Might hit Flagstaff this long weekend and hang out with the Doug. We shall see.

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