I am a Boring Person

Okay, so it’s been a bit and I’ve been pretty busy. W00t

Helped doug move over 3 days last weekend while he’s engaged in the unfortunately clichéd custody struggle with the ex girlfriend who as also unfortunately gone completely bonkers. Moving was fun and I got to wire up Doug’s stereo and gaming equipment while hanging out with our mutual friend John. Good times.

Done a little bit of computer shuffling as of late, both at work and at home. Picked up Applecare on my Dual 2.0 ghz. Apple really needs to get on the ball with the G5s. When someone like me says that the 2 year old 2.0ghz is fine for their needs, and there’s not anything sexy about the new ones, there’s a problem. How about a decent video card, PCI extreme, external SATA, fixed 800mhz firewire bus, more internal drive slots… there’s so much room for improvement, but we get lousy ram, HD and processor bumps. Blah.

Been feeling pretty wrecked this week, not knowing why. Only struck me today that I ran out of my main vitamin last week and perhaps this lethargy is coming from a week of no vitamin action. Must pick some up tonight.

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