Doctors and Gas

I love doctors. Like a lot.

Today Kelli’s doctor had her go to the hospital for some tests. She got there at 11am for the tests and hadn’t eaten for like 12 hours because of the tests she would be taking. The hospital informed her that they wouldn’t run the tests unless her doctor wrote a scrip for it. Fair enough, they want to make sure they get paid.

So she calls up the doctors office to have them fax it over. Turns out the Doc won’t be in to sign the scrip until 1pm. So 2 hours of spinning wheels. Great. She calls at 1pm and is assured they’d send them over. At 2:15 she calls me and lets me know that the office said they wouldn’t write the scrip since they aren’t her primary care provider. At this point she’s almost passing out, being hypoglycemic and not having sugar for 20 hours. At this point she’s missed a work commitment and is so sick that she can’t come back in.

Thanks Doc. Thanks for taking care of that paperwork before hand, or telling us we had to do it. Thanks for wasting 3 hours and wrecking a work day. I already don’t really like this doctor for various reasons, and this event really solidifies it for me. Kelli needs to have a stern word with this doctor or flat out stop seeing her.


In other annoying news, gas in phoenix is well over the $2.25 mark in most places now. Thankfully my Honda averages about 35mpg and I don’t drive a horrendous amount. I probably average 35 miles a day during the week so I’m spending about $11.25 a week in Gas between work and martial arts. With weekends, it’s easy to add on another 50-75 miles running around. Having spent time in Britain, I know most americans have little to complain about as far as gas prices go, but it does make it hard to budget when prices are rising 50-75 percent in just a couple of months.

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