The Heat is Coming

ThermoSo, the heat is hitting the valley of the sun. We’ve been in the mid 80s for the last week or so, and it looks like it’s here to stay. The evenings are still pretty tolerable in the mid 70s, but we’re on our way to the 100s here pretty soon.

Considering that the current thermostat was completely out of whack, I decided it was time to get a programmable thermostat. This allows us to let the apartment heat up during the day and start cooling down in the evenings. Considering Kelli and I are barely here during the week days until late at night, it could end up saving us a lot of cashola. Last year we had one month nearing $300 in electricity bills, so even saving 10% would be a big number in the summer.

This is something that has always confused me. New homes and apartments still don’t have programmable thermostats or double paned windows for insulation. Apparently most new builders would rather cheap out on materials up front and let the tenants or owners deal with the utility costs down the road. I wonder how much energy is wasted here in Arizona.

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