My Misspent Youth

Okay that’s a misleading title, but I get tired of saying “weekend updates” so deal.

Trained with Mr. Hayes today down at the local dojo and a good time as had by all. Got a chance to train with some people from California I really like, and got a chance to meet some new people as well. Training was very mellow compared to my previous experiences with seminars. A bunch of us went out to dinner afterwards which was very cool.

Got the new monitor in and up, and it’s sitting pretty. I don’t have the arm for it yet, so that write up will have to wait a little bit, but I’m really impressed with this design and how little desk space it takes up. w00t.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be spending a good deal of time tied up with a work convention taking photos. Should be a bag of chuckles.

The ads are getting clicks! Mind you, not many, and apparently Mac related content has very low paying keywords, but I’m seeing movement from nothing to something, and that’s a good direction to be headed. The Big Swede and I talked this weekend about some changes that seem like they will help bring traffic to the page. I’m going to try and roll them this week.

Sleepy time.

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