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As I have complained about before, I’m currently making just north of zero dollars from my google adsense account. I decided to put in a header banner on my individual entry posts both on this blog and on TGB. I’ve also ordered an e-book on adsense. Normally I would pass this sort of thing up, but Chris Pirillo is hawking it so I thought I would give it a try. The $80 is pretty steep, but from what people are saying it’s worth it.

Currently I’m averaging 50 impressions a day on TGB. This is consistent with what my stats are showing on the server. Of course, we’re getting over 700 hits a day over our 3 feeds, which google still won’t allow adsense on. This makes me sad. I’m wondering now if it wouldn’t be a better idea to not offer full text feeds and drive people to the site. I’m interested in seeing how much that would affect our numbers. I’m tempted to try that out for a month and see if it puts more money in the old adsense account.

The other thing I really need to focusing on is getting more posts up, more often. I’ve always felt that posting isn’t really worth-while unless I’ve got something interesting to say, but there is something to be said for covering more stories, with less editorial content. Engadget and Gizmodo rely heavily on this form of blogging, and it works for them really well.

I’m also thinking a bit about getting more rich media posts including photos or video. Structured Blogging seems pretty interesting as well. Better content should drive more eyeballs.

Update: Don’t bother with the eBook. It doesn’t contain anything you can’t already find on the net. I’ll write up a review later.

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