And I'm Spent

The worst of the death plague is now completed with just some residual coughing and slight headache stuff. Glad to have this crap over with.

Minor issues at the apartment have been resolved. Our PVRs HD stopped working, which was lame. Really lame. But through a lot of unplugging and plugging-in I got it working again. Undoubtedly it will fail completely soon, but in the mean time I can pause. This is good. Our water heater also died yesterday, and they fixed it within 40 minutes. Our apartment complex rocks.

We were planning on going out to Laughlin this weekend to do some more hanging out with Kelli’s parents, but I’m just not up for it and Kelli doesn’t want to do it alone. After being sick for a week, I just want to take it easy and sleep in and hang out this weekend.

I have been far too slack about updating my cadre of web pages. Need to get on that.

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