Mac Mini Server and Other Goodness

The site is now running from the Mac mini and the speed has greatly increased over the 450 that was running the site previously. The mini is a very capable little machine and I’m suitably impressed. CGI execution is pretty snappy now, and while not an Xserve, it’s more than enough for the sites I serve from it.

The linkfest is returning! I got tired of managing my little links bar on the right, and rarely updated it. When I moved over to my own server, I just killed it and all the links to it. I’ve been using for my own bookmarking for a few months now, and I really like it. So today I looked around for a way to integrate my bookmarks. Turns out it’s pretty easy. Check out this page for instructions on html output. Mine looks like this:

I need to set up a little caching system like this one to keep the delicious people happy. Then you’ll see the return of the linkfest. I’m a little surprised that no one has written a plugin that just includes the links on rebuild. Maybe I should learn to do this myself. Really it just needs to implement a tag like <$MTDelicious$> that pulls down the entries and gives you a little entry screen when you input the variables for the URL.

I’m planning on starting a TechGoesBoom account and including technical links that I find. My only current gripe about the html output is that I can’t specify results from specific days which would be nice. If it had that, I could just tack on all bookmarks for any given day at the end of each days posts.

Well maybe if I get around to writing a plugin, I’ll get it working with the HTML first and then take a shot at working with the RSS feeds instead and getting dates from them.

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