Wishlist for AWstats

After using AWStats for a little over a week, here are the things I wish it had:

  1. CSV export. Most of my other complaints could be resolved by being able to open up the stats in excel or it’s ilk. Have a button right under Reported Period for all views that allows you to export to a text file.

  2. Sorting. I don’t use AWStats in the static html configuration, instead I favor hitting the perl module. As long as I’m there and getting dynamic views, let me sort by column headers.

  3. Detail. I’d like to be able to pull up my hosts list, see that someone has hit my page a thousand times and be able to see just those thousand hits, and see the raw log data of those hits in a table view. I’d also like to have a view for one single day instead of just month views.

  4. Web page exclude. I’d like a link from the web view that allows me to exclude hosts from the stats. I know you can manually put these in the config files, but it can be a pain to manage them from there.

  5. XML/RPC interface for pulling down the data into another app. Admins could have an app that consolidates logs from multiple machines or installations and does fun stuff with the data.

A Proposal: While I’d like it to start with AWStats, it would be really cool to have an extensible app for parsing various log files and dumping them into a database and offering an XML/RPC interface for getting at the data. You could then have a client with plugins for rendering the data from the various logs. It would have a default plugin for http that allows for log formats, virtual hosts and whatnot and then could be extended for logs of any sort you wanted to track. Install it on multiple servers and you have a convenient console for monitoring logs on multiple machines.

All of the backend stuff could be done in perl, php, python or whatever, and clients could be native GUIs, java or web front ends.

Is anyone doing anything like this?

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