Just In Time

Ahh, 200 more referal spam attempts last night, all from our friends at fidelityfunding. One might ask why they keep hitting the site with referers when they are just getting 403 errors and there’s no way their domains are getting on my main page or my stats page, well it’s because they simply send the request and hang up. They don’t wait for a response from the server. They never get the 403 because they don’t care.

If you hit fidelityfunding up in Google, their pages are at the top of the list, but mostly because of bloggers who have not gotten a handle on the comment spamming situation. While I appreciate SA’s article on preventing spam, MT-Blacklist and MT-DSBL need to be a part of every new install and turned on by default. N00bs are making this a profitable venture for spammers and SA is partially responsible for it.

Watched Napoleon Dynamite the other day, and frankly, I’m not sure why everyone was so impressed. This seems like a movie my buddies and I would have made in high school. While I’m sure this worked much better as a short, as a feature length film it was torture. I kept waiting for any semblance of a plot to emerge. While the acting wasn’t horrible, there wasn’t really much call for it. Of course I knew people like this in high school, and unfortunately they acted in much the same way. I didn’t particularly enjoy hanging out with them then, and I don’t find watching them very funny. Could someone explain to me why this was a good movie? I’m at a loss.

The next couple of months are going to see a lot of spending from me which makes me both happy and sad. A quick list:

Training Materials so I can finally get that damned cert: $450 Taking the test: $150 Mac Mini: $500 for server $500 for dev machine Martial Arts seminar in CA: $400 Car Insurance: $600 Possible ADC membership: $500 Treo 650 when palm gets off their asses and make a GSM model: $600

Suddenly every purchase in my life is like $500. Weird.

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