Ahh four days in a row off does a fella good. I ended up hanging out with Doug and working on a little audio play project we’re developing and playing some Metroid Prime echos. Good times.

Much time was spent working on setting up the server. I’ve got techgoesboom and joemullins both building and working properly from a central MT install and just have to move over Kelli’s domain and learningphoto. I’m letting Nic take the lead on setting up e-mail, so I can just bug him if something goes wrong. Looks like the mail thing isn’t so bad, but the SSL certs are being annoying. Speaking of the Big Swede, we got to spend a full on day of nerd time when he brought over his server, and we got to share in the pain of a 450mhz g4 installing Mac OS X Server and all of the updates.

I’m screwing around with getting and working properly without setting up multiple virtual domains. I had originally set up the domains in Server Setup with just the domain and no www. Without another virtual host in there, hitting will dump to the main document root instead of the virtual domain. So after some research today, it looks like if you set the virtual domain up with www in the first place, it will handle the plain just fine. I will be testing this tonight.

Couple more things and I’ll start changing over the DNS entries on my registrars and my box will go live.

For those Mac admins who don’t know about the Apple mac-os-x server list, you need to check it out. There’s a lot of useful info that you won’t find on google or anywhere else.

Raked in some good booty over the holiday including the Return of the King DVDs, Knights of the Old Republic II and a very nice ring from the GF. The big one though is undoubtedly a Hasselblad 550c/m with a couple of lenses from my dad. He’s had it for almost 10 years and sent it over my way for a gift. Unfortunately, the cost of medium format film and developing along with scanning or buying a scanner is beyond what I want to pay, so with Dad’s blessing it will be hitting e-bay to go towards purchasing a used Canon 1Ds. Whee!

I have 10 gmail invites if any of you out there are in need of a gmail account. Please, take these off of my hands.

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