Home Alone, The Big Switch and Other Things

Well, this is the week of Christmas and Kelli has taken off to hang with her parents in the frozen north. This leaves me to my own devices for 10 days, which is never a good thing. I have so far been successfully resisting opening the presents for me under the tree. I’m so impatient. I’m hoping Doug will come down for a couple of days and hang out with me so I’m not quite so tempted to peek.

I’m dumping cox cable and moving over to DSL. While I’m losing about half my downstream bandwidth, I’m gaining twice the upstream and will have no stupid port blocking. I’ll be able to VPN into the box and run a web server. I’ve got my DSL modem on order now, which BTW are apparently impossible to find in stores. What the hell? Now I have to get a copy of OS X server and a box to run it on. I’m tempted to wait until Tiger server to buy (which has email support for virtual hosts), but I want to be live well before then.

I’m also planning on rolling MT 3.1.4 onto all my blogs that use it. Currently, they are all running on separate installations, and I’m thinking I will roll them all into one. I’m planning on getting a license for the Unlimited Personal Edition to make it all legit. I’m also planning on forcing any comment with a URL into moderation since that seems to do the trick on this blog. Six Apart for all their foibles have made MT a very solid blogging platform and their recent dedication to dealing with comment spam is very welcome.

Advanced another rank at To-Shin Do, which I’m pretty stoked about. Going 4 days a week gets you moving through the ranks pretty quickly. Should be joining up with the black belt club soonly, then I get access to the super secret ninja stuff.

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